Property law

The Law Firm has an extensible practice in Bulgaria with cases involving Property law matters. The fast growth of the real estate market for the last couple of years combined with the serious impact of the recent credit crunch and the economical crisis on that market created more difficult legal situation and led to bankruptcy many of the property developers which requires a professional approach when dealing with cases in the field of property law.

Our lawyers advise on all areas of real estate finance, sales and acquisitions, development, hotels and commercial leasing. On the residential side, we handle contract negotiations, mortgage securitization and financing and closings.

We always advise the clients interested in investment opportunities on the Bulgarian property market to take independent legal advice and check with due care all important details before enter into agreement or place a deposit.

Our Property law services include:

  • Advice on entire construction process and project development
  • Legal checks of the situation with the ownership, checks for mortgages or other encumbrances over the desired property as well as checking the Sellers company for insolvency or any court injunctions
  • Consultation on tax issues related to the purchase of a real estate
  • Draft and negotiating the provisions of various contracts including preliminary contract for sale-purchase, notary deeds, maintenance and management agreements
  • Preparation of power of attorney for representation in property purchase process and preparation of all necessary documents connected with property sale-purchase in Bulgaria
  • Legal representation in front of all respective central and local Bulgarian authorities, Notary public and in front of any other natural persons and legal entities
  • Consultation regarding succession and the property related questions, inheritance
  • Assistance with the required registrations after the completion of the purchase process and obtaining the ownership right Registration at Registry Agency (Bulstat Register), Registration of the property transfer at the respective Municipality Tax Office
  • Identifying property history and investigating property ownership for past periods
  • ssistance for changing purpose of land and procedures for regulation of landed estates
  • Termination of preliminary contracts for sale-purchase of real estate, claiming compensations
  • Out-of-court dispute resolutions and legal proceedings in Courts